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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: READ BEFORE APPLY   Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:30 pm

Read carefully what follows before make an apply! Wink

What Duality is all about:
We're friendly and not hardcore. We play and raid to have fun and spend some evenings togheter.
We are aiming to every game content, just when we got equips and skills enough to do things.
We don't like fights or any kind of harrassment.

Raiding timetables
The Guild is raiding the following days:
Wednesday (1st day)
Monday (2nd day)
Tuesday (3rd "eventual" day)
The raid timetables are usually from 20:30 Server Time (start grouping - 20:40 the raid should start!) until 00.00 - 01.00, depending on things to do. There not much problems if you have to leave before until we have a nice "bench".

Raid requirements
We ask not that many requirements from you:
1. Kindness
2. Skills
3. Availability
4. Ventrilo
5. Deadly Boss Mods! Razz

This is a ladder to follow if you're short on ideas!

Real Name:
Character Name:
Class, Spec(s) and Level:
A link to your WoW Armory™️ (yes, we're lazy!):

Why you're making this apply here?
From where did you know this guild?
What do you expect from this group?


Hi. My name is Jecht, and I am a Paladin...
What's your game?
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