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 Beldish Hybrid paladin !

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PostSubject: Beldish Hybrid paladin !   Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:52 pm

Hello people!

Im a Swedish dude in my young 20, I heard some info about your guild from my friend Riev.
Im like him a serious player and realy like to play the game for fun and for some progress ofc !

Im playing on my paladin, got good gear in 2 speccs and that is prot and holy and kinda skilled in those two.
Played holy for allmost 4 years and prot for like 1 year.

I played allmost all old school instances before TBC and in TBC, and I have done all bosses in WOTLK "not malygos"

Im sorry I cant link any armoy becouse I got 2 speccs and kinda hard to have both in armoy at the same time.
but if you wanna see the gear in game I can fix that.

Does this sound instresting? Or do you wanna hear more !

A little dwarf in the forest; Beldish
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Beldish Hybrid paladin !
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