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 Naxxramas Tactics

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PostSubject: Naxxramas Tactics   Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:21 am

With me being always bragging about tactics I did some resarch and i've found some decent videos on Youtube showing up how some bosses must be done.

Before looking at the video I would hope that you all will use 5 minutes of your time looking for a written strategy guide for the bosses we're gonna do (Military Wing this evening), READ THE GUIDE A COUPLE OF TIMES, to understand what you need to do and then look for a Video of the Boss, just to understand the basic things that we have to do.

I've searched on Youtube, as I said, and these are the best videos I could find for Military Wing bosses.

How to : Instructor Razuvious


How to : Gothik the Harvester


How to : The Four Horsemen


Enjoy <3
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Naxxramas Tactics
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