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 Guild Run #3: 21-jan-2009

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PostSubject: Guild Run #3: 21-jan-2009   Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:12 pm

We did a good job, we should aim for a sooner starting time (at 20.45 at least) and a more cleaning (like 3 wings).

Anyway, I'm proud of you guys, I think we're having loads of fun and we're getting every time better!
Keep on with the good work!

Oh, yes, by the way: in this raid we cleared Spider's Wing (with just a wipe at Maexxna, something went wrong nearly the enrage), Military Wing (all perfect at first try, even the 4 Horsemen), and Patchwerk in the Construct Wing.
Our nemesis, Grobbulus, will come soon!
So, see you... now i'm about to fall asleep on the keyboarddddasfmionjaomsdasdj├▓ Sleep



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Guild Run #3: 21-jan-2009
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